What is The Family OF Refugees (FOR) ?

The Family OF Refugees (#FOR) started when Alan Ghunim, Obai Radwanand Mohamad Abou Ras met to discuss the issues faced by #refugees in Portugal such as housing, working and studying. The idea of starting a new non-governmental #association to respond to refugees’ needs in #Portugal was put forward. The #FOR #Association aims to help refugees in their full integration, through guiding and assisting them in the quest for #jobs and academic opportunities. The association is formed by a coalition of activists, experts and concerned citizens from different backgrounds, and has amongst its ranks both #refugees and locals.
Connecting #refugees with their native #culture as well as the culture of their new surroundings is one of the core objectives of the #association, simultaneously seeking to add to the cultural diversity of the host country as well as helping refugees to settle in their new #home.

Vision and Objective

Vision: We are the second family of any refugee in Portugal or in any other country regardless of their religious affiliation or political views.

Objective: Our objective is to integrate the refugees in Portugal within Portuguese society by finding and generating employment and educational opportunities which meet their educational and professional background and level, linking refugees native culture with the Portuguese culture so as to ease their integration.

Why F.O.R?

We are refugees and we know what we are talking about.

We do not offer idealistic dreams, rather we offer a pragmatic approach and suited solutions.

We do not accept funding from any political or religious party.

We represent all religious and cultural backgrounds.

We have sufficient experience in institutional, organizational and administrative work.

We believe that all human beings are equal before the law.

Our project